Our Guarantees
Elite Salon Distributors has distinguished itself as a leading supplier of professional hair care products and services to salon owners and stylists by maintaining the very highest principles.  Highlighted below are the policies of Elite Salon Distributors and the benefits you will receive.
100% Guarantee
Elite Salon Distributors offers a 100% guarantee policy on its products.
Prompt Delivery
You will receive your order within 24-48 hours.
No Backorder Policy
Elite Salon Distributors maintains an extensive inventory as well as the
  managerial oversight to ensure a zero backorder policy to our clients.
Since our inception we have never backordered a customer on haircolor or
  related items.
Backbar & Samples Program
Elite Salon Distributors will work with you to create a program that will supply
  you with free samples and products for the backbar.
Call Cycle
Elite Salon Distributors will have a sales educator visit your salon on
  a regular call cycle.  During this visit the sales educator will discuss
  inventory, industry trends, present new products and offer education to any
  new stylists at the salon.  If your sales educator is not able to visit
  on your scheduled day you will be notified in advance.
No Diversion
You will never find an Elite Salon Distributors' product(s) in any other class of
Business Building Plans
Elite Salon Distributors offers solutions and suggestions to help you increase
  your business and at the same time become more profitable.
Elite Salon Distributors provides a myriad of educational opportunities
  including intimate "in salon" classes as well as large formal seminars.  These
  classes cover the fundamentals of hair color we also provide education in
  salon management enabling your salon to become more profitable.  
  Elite Salon Distributors will provide education to your stylists on all new
  products before the products are shipped to your salon.  Additionally, all
  classes will receive CEU credit in Ohio.
Customized Branding
Elite Salon Distributors can offer your salon innovative promotions that can be
  customized for your salon.
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